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Royal Hotel Public Meeting-Thwaites Reply
A very interesting and informative meeting provided answers to a number of concerns from local residents. In addition, Thwaites legal representative, Samantha Faud and Area Business Manager Carolyn Matthews, offered to try and resolve some new issues raised at the meeting. Their proposals, which include a dispersal policy, and a summary of the permitted hours, are contained in their reply. Thwaites Reply.
What is HNC?
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Minutes of the latest Exec Meeting available…here. Committee meeting dates…here.
We are often asked about the current boundaries of the various electoral wards, particularly with regard to planning applications, and quite often our knowledge is lacking! No longer. Here, courtesy of David Brayshaw, is our Local View.
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Aftermath of the particularly snappy breeze on Wednesday. Bit of a blow for the new Church Hall, but hopefully damage will only be slight. Surely a clear case, if ever there was one, for the condition of all the main trees in the Church wood to be assessed.
Avian Influenza
As many of you may have heard, an outbreak of Avian Influenza H5N8 has been confirmed at a location in Lancashire. Following correct procedures can help to contain and restrict the spread of this disease.
Detailed information can be found by following the link DEFRA . This page also contains a map showing the extent and location of the 3km Protection Zone and the 10km Surveillance Zone. Please follow the guidelines responsibly to help minimise the effects of the current outbreak.
Details of current HNC finances are available here…Finance
Heysham Mossgate Community & Sport Facilities
Shaun Ward has sent us full details of the activities at the Centre.